Soul Seeker. Storyteller. Strategist.✨

Guided by more than just my intuition and experience, I draw on oracle cards, sit with you in meditation and mentor you in blending the elements of your brand to connect your spirit, soul and story in a blend unique to your business.

Working with me 

I’m a brand essence mentor and social media storyteller, and I love that I can visibly see the stress and overwhelm drift away when I tell my clients they no longer have to think “What next?”… because I instinctively understand the nature of your business and its personality.

It’s what I do. It’s what I love. It’s what I create.

It’s not about following trends, but setting your own and so you’ll often find my holistic approach goes against the grain yet produces results. The world is changing, business is changing and so are our relationships. That’s why creating an authentic online presence is key. It’s why I’m passionate about inspiring you to craft your story, reignite the soul in your social media and seek out a crystal-clear strategy that will see your business shine. So let’s write the next chapter…together.

I’ve worked with a truly unique mix of soulpreneurs, start-ups, corporates and government agencies from Parliament of Australia to local gems like Jamala Wildlife Lodge.

Curiosity keeps life interesting and so I’d love to hear more about your project and explore how we can creatively work and collaborate to enhance your brand essence.

And if you need to learn how to soften your corporate edge, we can work on that too!