Facebook is one of those platforms that loves to change things around…without telling you. Recently, I’ve had a fair few clients ask the same question and so I felt the answer needed it’s very own blog post…

That question in… well…question, is this:

How do I view my Facebook Business page’s Newsfeed?” 

The purpose of your Facebook page’s newsfeed is that it allows you to view all of the most recent updates from Facebook pages you have liked as Your Page. From your Page’s Newsfeed you can share, engage and comment as Your Page.

But before we get into that, here’s how to view Your Facebook Page’s newsfeed… Note: you can also do this for pages you manage within Business Manager.

By default, you are always directed to Your Facebook Page’s public profile…This is how your followers see and engage with Your Page. Make it part of your social media schedule to check Your Page’s newsfeed often.

View Your Page’s Newsfeed in 3 steps or less…

These steps are for those whose Facebook page is still displayed in the old format (see below).

Log into Facebook, if you haven’t already.

Go to your Facebook page. It should look something like this…

FB Page Newsfeed_@

On the left-hand side of Your Page, click See Pages Feed. If your page has recently changed to the new layout, you will find this option on the right-hand side of your timeline.

FB Page Newsfeed


This is what you should see but as Your Page (not mine).

FB Page Newsfeed_3

As I mentioned above, from Your Page’s feed, you can automatically share, comment and engage with other pages that you have liked as Your Page. If at any time you want to engage with any of the updates in Your Page’s feed as you (that is your personal profile) or another page you manage, then just click on the timestamp on the update to exit Your Page’s newsfeed.