Creativity is the passion of the Spirit.”

Channelling our creativity can often be a feat within itself, let alone realising our creative potential. But in its truest essence, creativity is your spirit’s way of expressing itself… It is your intelligence having fun. 

Without it, we would all be the same. Creativity encourages you to be free and the freedom of Self. To take risks beyond comfort and colour outside the lines with every colour of the rainbow. There are some who struggle to seek creativity within while others, like you, hold the courage deep and embrace your unique craft with both hands.

Yet often our reluctance to own our creativity can be spurred by fear…and ultimately self-sabotage. Be colourful in your own way even if it is in shades of grey.

It’s easy to fall to into the rhythm of constantly reminding yourself to be unique and original but sometimes it happens to the detriment of your own creativity. Let yourself be vulnerable because if I’m to be totally honest with you all the best creatives are. We see, feel and hold the world differently in mind. We creatives experience the world with every sense and being of our soul. We experience different cultures, listen to their stories and teachings of others, and all while appreciating their craft on a much deeper level. That is the art of creativity.

In these moments of life and ignition, there is an abundance of inspiration, motivation and muses. Indulge the senses, nurture your soul and allow the mind to wander the path less travelled. It’s not about continuing the conditioning of being our most productive in front of a desk or screen, but rather exposing ourselves to changing environments, vivid landscapes and sensory experiences.

Soak up the colour, culture and energy around you… Be it surrounded by the greens of the Australian bush, overlooking the bustle of the city streets below, or tuning into the rise and fall of the seaside tide.

It might take just a few hours but it’s medicine for the creative soul and equal to hours upon hours browsing the Internet for inspiration. There’s a reason why early learning includes sensory activities. To stimulate and stir about our senses… and nurturing our minds to see things from a unique perspective and unleash the imagination.

Those moments that replenish our soul barely take time yet they can be just enough to awaken new energy. Allow your creativity to ignite your soul because that’s where it shines through and reflects your very being…Find your voice and speak your truth in whatever colour of the rainbow you choose.