I’m a big tea drinker. Coffee every now and again, but offer me a decent cuppa and it’s likely we’ll be friends for life…just friend me on Facebook, follow me on Instagram or send me a Tweet on Twitter to see. Oh, but you’re not on social media?

I don’t blame you. It can be overwhelming particularly when you have no idea where to start. Or what it all means. Or what platform should be used for what? Or how to post…

Ok, just breathe… Yes, there might be more than 200 social media platforms you can choose from, but before you freak out it’s ok because you don’t have to be on all of them.

In fact, you don’t really even need to be on any of them, but if you’re looking to connect with a new audience, discover a new customer base or expand your business than chances are it’s probably best that you begin to explore the world of social media and check out what it’s all about…

To get you started, here’s a cheeky (and basic) overview of tone of posts used on the eight most common platforms used today…

Twitter – I’m drinking a #cupoftea
Facebook – I like tea.
Foursquare – This is where I drink tea
Instagram – Here’s a vintage photo of my cup of tea
YouTube – Here’s a video of how I drink tea.
LinkedIn – My skills include tea drinking.
Pinterest – Here’s a recipe for iced tea.
Google + – I’m a Google employee who drinks tea.

For those looking to use social media for marketing, here’s the angle to take for each…

Social Media Marketing
Check out this little beauty from John Atkinson over at WrongHands1.





Feature image by Lauren Mancke