Aim: To relaunch Wellness at The Bower with an authentic social media presence across Facebook and Instagram.

Soulful Solution: Wellness at The Bower first met Rambling Ranga at the Canberra Ultimate Women’s Wellness Weekend in late July 2017. Following an initial Collective Consult via phone and a follow-up session via coffee on a chilly morning in mid-August, Rambling Ranga worked with Amy to create an invaluable suite of content to reach Wellness at The Bower’s objectives.

Wellness At The Bower | Before & After engaging Rambling Ranga

Through understanding Wellness at The Bower’s philosophies and Amy’s values, this included a crystal clear yet comprehensive social media strategy and design guide with a suite of branded content that incorporated brand elements (e.g. fonts, colours and language) and was easily identifiable as being part of the Wellness at The Bower brand when discovered on social media.

We also worked with Amy to fine tune her podcast series leading up to her Women’s Wellness Weekend event in November, as well as a collection of blog posts and the establishment of a regular newsletter using Constant Contact.

Outcome: Since implementing recommendations from the strategy and publishing the branded content on both Instagram and Facebook over the last six weeks (commenced 1 September), Amy has seen her following and engagement grow significantly. While some challenges remain, such as targeting specific Australian audiences on Instagram and finding the right mix of industry hashtags, Rambling Ranga and Wellness at The Bower will continue to work together over the coming months to reach its desired goals.

Highlight: Seeing her Instagram following grow by 50 in just a few weeks!