Ever had a day where your mind was blown away and you experienced a surge of new energy that revitalised your soul, reaffirmed you are where you’re meant to be right now in this moment, and that no matter what you’re doing amazing?

When women support each other, incredible things happen.”

It’s a week ago today since I experienced all of that and more. A day that blew my mind and unleashed a wave of surprises in a way I never thought possible. In a room full of like-minded fempreneurs, there was an indescribable energy that united us all and linked with one single yet simple thread — we were there to support each other. And it’s thanks to one particular person – Ms Georgie King from The Women’s Collective.

From financial freedom to mindset motivation, collaboration and strategy, there was an abundance of generosity flowing around the room. While I could share with you every word of wisdom, snippets of information and trade secret, there are but three B I G lessons that I found to be most valuable from TWC’s Big Conference

Lesson 1 | Community over competition

Though at times it can be hard to see. I’ll be the first to put my hand and say that when I see a “new” social media service pop up in town, it’s hard not to think “Uh-oh”. I pull my cards closer to my chest, get a little aggressive with my marketing strategy and the turn volume up on me. Because after all, that’s what brand is. Me. But there’s only so much you can grow isolated in a silo. Creativity blooms when other blossoms flower.

Social Media Sister, Sheena Ireland – Specialists in Communication.

And just like a flower, our individual uniqueness – be it the colour of our petals, the fragrance of our vibe or one-of-a-kind personality – we all have something different to offer.

Collaboration helps you grow. Community keeps you grounded. So allow your tribe to thrive and lean into those around you. And then some.

Lesson 2 | Back yourself

My business turns 5 next year. And even reflecting now, I’m not where I want nor where I thought I’d be. Self-doubt can strike all the wrong chords, gnaw away at your inner self-belief and often leave you wanting to throw your hands up and walk away, but from the 10+ women who put themselves out there last Saturday and spoke at The Big Conference, each alluded to the same thing. Back yourself. 100%. Even when the person who you need to hear it from most, won’t.

Whether you were a Kata Cser sitting on the panel or an Amanda Whitley of the room, persistence and consistency are the keys to flipping your passion from a hobby to a lifestyle. It may take a little bit of juggling; a handful of long, late nights and a lot of hustle but just like Jess from Collabosaurus did, you need to ask yourself “Are you willing to let an opportunity be missed because it looks like hard work?”

This is your journey. Your path to walk. Only you can reach that destination.

Lesson 3 | Vulnerability is your strength.

Sometimes we take a backseat only to see others around us, step up and share their truths; impart wisdom and press upon us a new found knowledge, knowing that all the while we are just as [insert your chosen adjective here] as they are; have experienced the same (but different) hurdles and hustled the nights away to see a hobby grow from your kitchen table and become what you’ve always dreamt it to be. But it can also be hard to sit back and wonder why it’s not you.Why you’re progressing in leaps and bounds. Why you’ve not yet managed to master your product offering but the woman across from you has. It can be equally challenging to find the courage to put your hand up and ask for the advice, insight… and perhaps even feedback. To lay it out on the table and have others offer opinion, thoughts and words of wisdom. To allow ourselves to be unapologetic about who we are and what we have to offer the world.

As women, we do everything in our being to hide our vulnerabilities, instead of letting them shine through. Our efforts to suppress only deepen our fear of being judged, criticised or excluded. Yet if we allow its essence to seep through and subtly appear, quite often our vulnerability can have a lasting and positive impact on those around us. Why? It humanises you and amplifies your authentic self.

Because it humanises you and amplifies your authentic self. Not everyone will leave their mark, but every so often someone like, Helen Roe, will leave a lasting imprint on your soul. “Vulnerability is a strength and sensitivity, your power.”