Do you like your space? Yes, ok. Everybody loves personal space, but I’m talking text and captions here. Too often I see Instagram captions crammed with every character under the sun and sentences that just go on forever. Whatever happened to simplicity and space? You know the “less is more” element… 

Vague is so yesterday. As are floaty captions that don’t really tell you anything about nothing. Instagram is a powerful way to share your business’ story, your products and connect with both followers and customers. And while a picture definitely says a thousand words, the caption you write is equally important.

So how do you ensure your captions are meaningful and informative without overwhelming your followers or finding yourself in a TMI (too much information) situation?

Easy. Create line breaks between your text. Forget making endless spaces hoping it will equate to those beautiful white lines you see in the captions of others… Here are three simple and effective ways to create space and line breaks in your captions without tormenting your poor little thumbs in the process.

Three ways to create space and line breaks in captions

Option 1: Open in Instagram and create a new post. Write your caption as you would normally. Once finished, place the cursor next to the area where you would like to insert a line break. On your keyboard, hit the “Return” button. If using an iOS device, press the “123” button on your keyboard and the “Return” button will appear. Tap away. If this option doesn’t work, try option 2 or 3.

Option 2: Open the “Notes” or “Notepad” app on your smart device. Write the caption as you would like it to appear in Instagram. These apps will allow you to use the “Return” key to create space and line breaks aplenty. You can also add in other symbols, characters or emojis here too.

Option 3: I’m not a huge fan of this method but it does work. Open Facebook on your smart device. Write the caption as you would like it to appear in Instagram. (Note, don’t hit “Publish” unless you want to share the text on Facebook too). Play around with the spacing and create the look you want and then simply select all, cut and paste the text into Instagram. Again, you can add in other symbols, characters and emojis here too.

Do you have another way? Do you prefer one option over another? We’d love for you to share your Instagram hack… Leave a comment below.