Sitting in my studio today, my mind couldn’t help itself. Focus was not on the agenda.

Instead I allowed my mind to wonder from website to blog, paragraphs to words. And this is what I found:

…the only thing that matters is if you have a big heart…”

That’s it. The golden key I was looking for. But the silly thing is I’ve known it all along. I’ve been told it millions of times. I write best when I write from the heart and when I show my heart to the world. Cliche I know! Especially as the same line is written in the above article, but you know what? It’s true. I do have the best results, the best stories and the best feeling of achievement when I let my writing flow from the heart.

Frances’ introduction is exactly how I summed up the type of writer I wanted to be, when I started dating my fiance B two years ago. “I want to write, but not just any story. I want people to tell me their story and I write it for them.”

Like Frances and many others, I packed up my life and moved to Sydney in the hope of getting my dream job – writing full time as a journalist for a glamourous magazine. But instead I found myself at interviews for B2B magazines that only ever wrote about finance, ecomonics and generating the next profit. Sorry, but not my cup of tea…

Once I resigned to the fact that it may take a little longer to find the ‘write’ job..(sorry bad pun), and just rolled with my day job (working at EB Games – geek I know!), things started to fall into place. Every month, like most small beachside towns, a free magazine was published. I had often picked it up at my Oma’s house but never thought much of it.

Then the penny dropped and I sent in my portfolio and CV. Two weeks later I found myself freelancing for Pittwater Life Magazine on a regular basis, eventually landing myself the ‘Young People’ column.

It was the start that I needed to get me going…but like most things in life, it was short lived and now I’m back where I started three years ago…except I’m one step closer to achieving my dream…Not to write for a glamourous magazine but to write from the heart and share as many stories as life will allow.