Woman of Spirit creating social media with soul…

Always drawn to coppery tones and the earthy red ochre landscapes of my home, I’ve forever been a Rambling Ranga… Bound by no rules, I draw on the moon to harness my creative energy, still my mind and forever remind myself to just be in the moment and never doubt my intuition.

Ranga noun /ˈræŋɡɘ/
Defⁿ: Derived from orangutan, ranga simply describes (with endearment) a person with red or orange hair…

Compassionate, empathetic and always bubbly, my love for the outback and its indigenous soul connects me to a time and a place that will always be a part of who I am, though you’ll discover there is more to me than just my copper curls.

In the moment the wheels hit the blistering tarmac, I knew my life would forever change living in the heart of the outback, and if not for “the Alice”, I know in my soul that I wouldn’t be the woman I am now… Because it was in this remarkable, magic and utterly breathtaking place that my passion to write and share the stories of other surfaced, with an ambition to one day channel its energy into a fulfilling career.

Though time changes everything, and never did I think all those years ago that I would be where I am now.

Filled with incredible connections and insightful lessons, life has taught me that it is there to learn from… It is through my journeys both recently and over the years that have encouraged me to blossom into a soulful, genuine and experienced storyteller, editor and creative entrepreneur… a rambling ranga with a passion to write.

But it was not my career that saw me settle into Canberra.

It was love.

Love is what brought me to the nation’s capital (now) seven years ago, and it is what has kept me here ever since. With a beautiful, delightful 2-year-old son, who has an incredible heart and is forever making me smile and chuckle along with his wicked little laugh, and the undeniable support of my husband, life is just as I need it to be. Both are my reason why I returned to Rambling Ranga following a brief stint with HerCanberra in the lead-up to Elijah’s birth.

Working for myself and collaboratively with other freelance creatives is fun, challenging and always keeps me on my toes. I rarely get bored with a flow of creative projects that are constantly changing.

I work with creative entrepreneurs, businesses, NFPs and start-ups to inspire them in sharing their story in the online but in a genuine and authentic way that encourages you to speak your truth with confidence, courage and commitment.

It’s not about following trends, but setting your own and so you’ll often find my holistic approach goes against the grain yet produces results. The world is changing, business is changing and so are our relationships. That’s why creating an authentic online presence is key. It’s why I’m passionate about inspiring you to reignite the soul in your social media.

I love that I can visibly see the stress drift away when I tell my clients they no longer have to think “What next?”… because I instinctively understand the nature of your business and its personality. It’s what I do. It’s what I love. It’s what I create. So let’s write the next chapter…together.

✨ Inspired Moments...✨

Thank you so much for your amazingly comprehensive feedback! I am seriously blown away by your suggestions. They are so helpful and easily actionable!You were also very encouraging and highlighted examples of where I was going right, which was a great reassurance that I was on the path to social media success. After reading the report, I walked away with so many easily actionable tasks and strategies I can use to improve my online presence.

Anna | Print & Party