Woman of Spirit creating social media with soul…


I bet the first thing you’re asking yourself is “What is a ranga?”. Well…

noun /ˈræŋɡɘ/
Defⁿ: Derived from orangutan, ranga is an Australian colloquial term used to describe a person with red or orange hair.

Already knew? It’s ok, you can have a giggle, I don’t mind.

But there is more to me than just my copper curls…

Rambling Ranga is the creative start-up of me (aka Jessica Schumann) — a bubbly, red-headed writer and social media storyteller currently based in the nation’s capital, Canberra.

I work with creative entrepreneurs, businesses, NFPs and start-ups to inspire them in sharing their story in the digital space and create an authentic online presence in this constantly changing environment.

From social media mentoring (that is learning the nuances of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among other platforms) to handing over the reigns to your social media accounts, this boutique agency takes away the stress of having to think ‘what next?’. It’s all about social media storytelling and helping you to share your story effectively with your audience because your content should tell a story.

Why Rambling Ranga?

Collaborate with a content writer and social media guru who instinctively understands the nature of your business and the image you want to create, and who knows that while your site content needs to be optimised for search engines, the image of your business and the presentation of information on your social media and website pages is equally, if not more, important.

I am a skilled and experienced editor (including former editor of HerCanberra), mentor, digital storyteller and creative entrepreneur with a gift for understanding the nuances of social media and removing the overwhelm from your business.

Be it content creation, social media strategies or other digital marketing collateral that you need written, edited or both, all content is original and tailored to compliment your business in a one-off or ongoing project engagement.

In essence, I have a way with words and would like to help you with yours so check out my content and social media packages to see how we might work together.