It can be hard running a business when you have everything else to juggle too – Hello, Life! Balancing family time, school drop-offs, networking breakfasts, friendships, creative sessions, self-care and everything else in between, finding inspiration can often be overwhelming. Socialising, parenting and just adulting, in general, can shift our energies and in turn, affect that creative spark you so frustratingly need when crafting your social media content for your brand… Finding those sparkly ideas for social media can often push into craziness. 

But don’t worry! We got you!

Here are 10 inspirational insights to draw on when you feel the momentum slipping away or when just need a little nudge in the right direction…

// • i m a g e s • //

Pin it, save it, buy it, create it. Creating a treasure trove of images that speak to the spirit and soul of your business is invaluable and will save you time and energy when you’re not sure what to post next or when you feel yourself coming up against creative challenges. It simplifies the process of trying to find the words that match an image or finding the image to match your message if you know you can sift through a creative collection that reflects the essence of your brand. As you bank each image, make a note in a word doc about the emotions the image invokes, the action you want it to encourage and how you want your tribe to feel when they see it… Next time you find yourself with a blinking cursor in front of you or empty content calendar, you can craft your content with a hint more of confidence.

Craft Your Content with…

•  a quote that speaks to your brand with an image that you feel reflects the message…
• a significant line from a customer’s review or testimonial with an image that reflects the essence of your product or service…
• a small thought for the day that may be inspiration for someone else…

// • r e p u r p o s e • //

Ever feel like you have that much more to say… Or that your thoughts and opinions on a particular topic you wrote about months ago has yet again evolved into something more mature? Revisit old blog posts and articles to reflect on your growth as a business and brand. Then either rewrite the entire blog post if you feel inspired or simply update the content to reflect your change of opinion or new lessons learned. Does the image need refreshing too? Sometimes revisiting your blog content can often inspire an e-book or series of downloadables that you can offer to your tribe, people or audience. So the question is what hidden magic are you yet to reveal?

// • i n f o g r a p h i c s • //

Every brand and business is unique. The way in which we share our story equally so. From moments to milestones, sales to followers, products and processes, your story can be shared in many ways. If you’re feeling a little stagnant in how you keep showing up on your socials, try to infuse a different flavour with infographics. There is an abundance of handy online tools to help you create inspiring and insightful infographics that will go a long way in connect, captivate and convert your audience from enquiry to engagement. Delve into the analytics of your social media profiles to draw on those magical numbers (that reflect more than just the number of followers you have) and use it to create a beautiful, engaging infographic.

// • c r e a t i v e  k a r m a • //

It’s not always about you. Unfortunately. Sorry to let you in on that little secret… The essence of social media is to be, well… social. Which means that it’s nice to spread the word about someone else — be it for inspiration, insight or intellect. This is where it’s okay to give yourself permission to spend some time just exploring your feeds or inbox of recently subscribed newsletters. Or if you don’t have the time now, start saving posts next time you’re scrolling through Insta or mindlessly wandering through Facebook. Copy the link into a word doc or take a screenshot on your phone. Then get ready to spread that positive, unconditional creative karma.

// • a s k  • //

How you can give your tribe what they need if you never ask…? If you’re faced with a struggle or unsure about which path to follow next in your business, reach out to your tribe and let them in on the decision-making. Ask them for their insight and ask for their input. But make sure you’re also asking them why… This is where you will find the most valuable insights because it’s letting you in on how they think and what resonates with them. Ultimately, it always comes back to what value your tribe receive from you when engaging with your brand.

// • p e o p l e • //

Behind every brand is a person. Sometimes that person stands alone in business as a soulpreneur… while others stand together with a team — a trust of creatives and knowledge. So introduce them to your tribe (audience) on social media. Create a collection of profiles that capture the essence of who they are and what they bring to your business.

Craft Your Content with…
• Q+A style… [limit this to 3 or 5 questions…]
• Humans of New York style [profound insights from their story]
• Two truths + a lie… [a great way to engage your followers to guess which is untrue]

// • s e l f  • //

Share your self-care rituals and favourite wellbeing tips with your tribe… They know you’re a person just like them, so be real and open. Let them know where you draw strength from or the song that pumps you up on a Monday morning… We all need to learn and do more to look after ourselves…

// • c o n n e c t • //

Social [insert day] has fast become a regular theme in many Facebook and social groups with the idea of setting aside a designated day to self-promote your socials and attract new followers. But why wait for a designated day when you encourage your followers to this on any given day of the week? If you’ve stumbled upon someone of significance then shout it from your socials and let your tribe in on it. Expand and connect with those in your network and share the social media love by suggesting another business or brand to your tribe… But do with the right intention… and always be transparent if you’re affiliated in any way…

// • t h o u g h t  • //

Sometimes trying to convey a message in our words doesn’t always have the same elegance has one that has already been written. That’s not to say don’t be authentic and true to your soul essence, but sharing a simple graphic, be it words or images, can capture it all for you. And that’s ok. Just remember to acknowledge the creative source and keep the karma flowing.

// • g r a t i t u d e  • //

Say thank you. To your tribe. To your social media followers, customers and those who support you on your socials. Positivity, praise and a thank you goes a long way… never take it for granted.